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We all love our bathtubs, and for a variety of reasons from deep, revitalizing soaks to bathtime with the kids. However, despite how strong the enamel is, your tub will age. Over time, the enamel can become chipped, cracked, edges can wear, and more. Instead of searching for a replacement, did you know that your bathtub can be refinished? Not only does refinishing save you time and money, it is just a good, if not better, than a full replacement! With the help of The Tub Doctors, your tub can be refinished back to (almost) new! Here’s the process of refinishing a bathtub.

old bathtub
  • Determining the Damage: The main thing to know about refinishing is that it’s mostly cosmetic, but it can repair minor damage like small cracks along the edge. Similar to when you repaint the room, refinishing refreshes and brightens up the tub. It cannot fix structural damage the tub might have. You’ll have to get that addressed before refinishing can happen.
  • What Type of Tub It Is: You have to determine if the tub is worth refinishing. Chances are the tub will need to be refinished over needing to be replaced altogether. The biggest deciding factor will be whether or not the tub is structurally sound. Some structural damage can be fixed during the refinishing process, however.
  • Determine Your Budget: Having a budget is a huge factor whether it’s a huge remodel or basic home improvement. With that being said, when you have your bathtub refinished, chances are you’ll be spending a lot less money than you thought giving you a little wiggle room. Some refinishing projects can even be completed in as little as one day.
modern bathroom with standing tub and walk-in shower

If you’re considering getting your bathtub refinished, contact us today!