Remodeling small spaces sometimes takes more creativity and expertise than large, time consuming spaces and in a space like a bathroom that is especially true. It’s important to trust experts like the remodeling designers at The Tub Doctors so no space is wasted! 

1. Use a Corner Sink

Corner sinks are a great way to save up on space that’s usually neglected. If your bathroom is small enough that most vanity-less pedestal sinks would take up too much space, a strategically placed, custom made corner sink won’t compromise in style while freeing up the space you need to not feel cramped.

2. Use a Shower Curtain or Sliding Door

Often, shower doors pivot and open out like ‘normal’ doors, but using a shower curtain or glass door sliding on tracks will save up on space. A shower curtain also allows you to roll up the sheet when not in use to open up the room. It’s also a design aspect with many prints and designs in the market.
tub faucet and handle

3. Opt for a Rounded Vanity

Square vanities don’t necessarily take up more space, but no one wants to be bumping against sharp edges while trying to shuffle in and out of the bathroom. Rounded vanities can be made with custom cabinetry, raised for extra room, and will provide you with much needed storage space.

4. Use Large-scale Patterns

Used behind the vanity wall, a feature wall or accent wall can really open up a space. Use large patterns and squares, wide stripes, designs, and more to open up the room and give a pop of color. If your walls are largely white, you have a lot of choices to go wild with paints and patterns – just remember to keep it sleek!

5. Make the Most of Mirrors

Another trick to make a space seem bigger than it is – use a mirror for an entire wall behind the vanity. This way you’ll have the illusion of doubled space and multiple people can use the mirror at once.
modern bathroom with walk-in shower

6. Towel Troubles

You might not think that a towel rack takes up much space, but when operating in small spaces, every inch matters. Mount a towel bar on the door or opt for hooks instead! If your room has tall ceilings, think about storing upwards to maximize space.

7. Keeping a Low Profile

If you don’t opt for a corner sink, look for a low-profile sink. You’d be surprised what a skinny trough sink or minimalist porcelain option can do for functionality, style, and space saving.

8. Fixing for Fixtures

Keeping with the trough idea, mounting your faucet on the wall helps reduce bulky faucets that would extend your vanity and sink outwards and take up space. Instead, use smaller, fashionable faucets to save space. Instead of opting for a classic metallic finish, look to your design for help. If you’re looking into a black and white monochromatic pattern that’s ultra modern? Trendy new black faucets and fixtures are just what you need.