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Are you looking for a unique, but functional bathroom system that will last for years? Tiles are a popular go-to for your shower or tub, however, they often need to be replaced from wear-and-tear over the years. While Acrylic is easily malleable and durable, it also adds a touch of perfection to your shower or bathtub with its sleek, seamless finish. The benefits are endless, however here are five reasons why you need to install one of our Acrylic Bathroom Systems today! 

A Lot Less Hassle: With an acrylic system, your remodeling can be much more budget-friendly, and take a lot less time. This is because the acrylic system is custom molded to fit your shower base, tub, walls, etc. It’s seamless, floor to ceiling fit guarantees a leak-proof installation. Another great benefit? It can even be installed over the existing floors and plumbing!

Less Time Consuming Remodel: With traditional remodels, it could take weeks to see the finished product. Acrylic systems are custom-fit, seamless pieces that fit snugly to the existing bathroom walls. Almost instantly you see the results of switching to a better, acrylic system,. and you’ll be able to use the room within a fraction of the time of a standard bathroom remodel.

bathtub & tile floor

Durable & Easy To Clean: Acrylic is resistant to chips, scratches, fading, or stains. It’s a nonporous material making it easy for dirt and soap scum to be cleaned off. It’s also resistant to mold and mildew because acrylic pieces don’t have the same grooves and sections that tile does for bacteria to build up. Cleaning your bathroom, even deep cleaning, will be a breeze!

Modern & Flexible: Are you looking to have a marble or tile look without the hassle? No problem! Acrylic can mimic marble or tile and comes in a variety of colors. You can still have a gorgeous style without the hassle tile or other textures might bring.

white bathtub

Less Expensive: Depending on which tile you want to have installed, the price can add up quickly. Unfortunately, over time you’ll have to replace the tiles from normal wear and tear. Acrylic is not only less expensive to have customized and installed, but it will last a lot longer with the same normal wear and tear from daily use.

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