The Freedom Finishes Advantage

The Freedom Finishes Advantage

High Quality Refinishing Products in West Allis, MI

The Tub Doctor's, Inc. now has access to Freedom Finishes's line of exclusive, innovative and exceptional high-quality bathtub, sink, shower, and ceramic tile refinishing products and process.

For over 25 years Freedom Finishes's extraordinary formulations have been used by select market leading, award winning, top quality refinishing companies. These products are time tested and have proven to deliver the most beautiful high gloss and durable bathtub and ceramic tile finishes in the refinishing industry.

"We are thrilled to be partnering with Freedom Finishes, these products are exceptional and will help our company offer our valued customers a level of refinishing quality never before available in our market." Vickie True, President, The Tub Doctors, Inc.

If you are looking for the highest quality product to refinish your bathtub, sink, shower and/or tile, demand a "like new freshly baked" porcelain finish which is chemical resistant with industry leading durability, the master refinishing craftsmen at the Tub Doctor's would love to discuss using Freedom Finishes for your next refinishing project.

Extraordinary Freedom Finishes Benefits

  • Delivers a "like new" glass finish
  • Market tested durability with 25+ years of proven performance
  • Proven 12+ years of tub life with proper application and care
  • Chemical Resistant Surface: Enamel withstands bleach, solvents and hair dye
  • Stains can be removed, while having no impact to the high gloss finish
  • Incredible Adhesion: Once cured the product cannot be stripped
  • 100% Isocyanate-Free
  • Low Odor
  • Absorbs impact, reducing repair work and simplifying surface repairs